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Quality inside Onion Symposium
The next level in quality onions
This year marks 50 years of collaboration between Bejo and De Groot en Slot and our joint subsidiary Broer B.V. is celebrating its 70th anniversary. On 14 and 15 November at Broer B.V., the three companies will join their expertise with the contribution of specialists in the Allium sector. We are pleased to invite our partners to the international Quality inside Onion Symposium. 

Topics such as quality in cultivation, storage, and export of onions will be on the program, as well as innovations in breeding and onion processing. Suppliers in the sector will welcome you to their stands to talk about the latest developments. Thursday evening we will end the day with music and party!

On Friday, November 15, an excursion day will be organized with informative visits to professional agricultural companies in the area.

Location: Broer B.V., Creil, Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands
Meet the world at the Quality inside Onion Symposium!

Don’t miss the symposium and excursion day. Put 14 and 15 November 2019 on your calendar.

Symposium location
Floraweg 6
8312 RK Creil
The Netherlands

Organized by Bejo, De Groot en Slot and Broer.
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